The Kappa Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi highly values scholarship. To be a student of fair ability is one of the criteria upon which men are recruited into the fraternity. A scholarship committee of 12 active members is composed every semester solely for the purpose of assisting potential new members, as well as current active brothers, as they pursue their academic goals. The scholarship committee hosts four study sessions each week (Sunday through Thursday) in order to set aside time for new and active members to focus on their studies. The scholarship committee is available to provide students with tutors and professional advice pertaining to career fairs on campus and potential jobs (e.g., resume reviews).

During the 2018 Spring semester, the members of the Kappa Kappa chapter improved the house GPA to 3.23. This is above the average GPA for all undergraduate students, for all members of the Interfraternity Council, for all members of fraternities, and for all male undergraduates at the University of Illinois.

Please take a look at a brief outline of the Kappa Kappa Sigma Chi GPA scholarship policy, which aligns with the policy of the University of Illinois (with a higher standard by .25 GPA), below:

  • If you earn a B− or better in a course, the Kappa Kappa House Corporation will fully reimburse you for all approved tutoring sessions related to the course.
  • All new members of Sigma Chi are required to achieve a 2.50 GPA in order to initiate into the fraternity.
  • All new members are required to attend all weekly study sessions.
  • All members in the fraternity who have below a 2.50 cumulative GPA or are on academic probation must attend all weekly study sessions.
  • A member on probation who fails to meet his or her established probation level will be deactivated.