Rush FAQ

Is Sigma Chi’s recruitment formal or informal?

Fraternity rush at the University of Illinois is informal, in contrast to Sorority rush, which is formal. This means that, instead of hosting open events, Sigma Chi will invite rushees to events. Events during informal recruitment gives rushees a chance to engage in open dialogue and talk to any active brothers in the fraternity. This allows brothers in the fraternity to get to know the rushees and give them an impression of who we are.


How does recruitment at the University of Illinois operate?

The University of Illinois has fraternity rush in both the fall and the spring. However, the vast majority of students rush in the fall. Fraternities will contact rushees whom they have heard about and are interested in getting to know. If a fraternity is impressed with a rushee, they will offer him an official bid to join the fraternity. At that point, the rushee can decide whether he want to accept the bid up until the end of the recruitment period.


How long is rush?

Rush at the University of Illinois is four weeks long. This is rather long compared to other schools, which usually only have a two-week rush. Because Illinois has so many fraternities, four weeks gives rushees ample time to check out the fraternities that they are interested in possibly joining.


Whom do I contact to get involved in rush?

Someone who is interested in getting involved in Sigma Chi rush can get in touch with any brother in the fraternity. These brothers will then put the rushee in contact with the rush chairmen. Our website provides the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all of the recruitment chairman. These chairmen are in charge of inviting rushees to events and ultimately decide whom to give a formal bid into the fraternity.


What does our chapter look for in a rush?

Sigma Chi holds its members to a higher standard than we do the rest of the men on campus. We recruit young men whom we believe will uphold our values and reflect good moral character on campus. We also look for rushees that we feel with fit in with the brothers in our fraternity. Although we want rushees to fit in, we also want all of our brothers to possess different temperaments, talents, and convictions.


What if one of my relatives is a Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi takes pride in having legacies join the fraternity. We are happy to continue to instill the values of Sigma Chi across families. Although being a legacy doesn’t ensure a rushee will get a bid, it makes Sigma Chi increasingly more interested in getting to know the rushee. We only will give bids to rushees that we feel will reflect the values of Sigma Chi in their daily lives.


What rush events does Sigma Chi host?

Sigma Chi hosts dinner events at the house usually twice a week during rush. Our recruitment chairmen will invite rushees accordingly to these dinners.