What Can I Expect To Get out of Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi’s three core values are friendship, justice, and learning. As a member of the Kappa Kappa Chapter, anyone can expect to get exactly that. Through the chapter, members grow to become not only men but leaders of their communities, while on campus and as alumni.

The core values are developed through the Preparation For Brotherhood program, but also through holding house positions and giving back to the house once an active member. All members of the executive board devote a large portion of their collegiate career to helping members become committed to the betterment of character and develop friendships that last lifetimes. All members of the Sigma Chi and the Kappa Kappa Chapter can expect to be leaders in the classroom with a high sense of responsibility. The words written in the Jordan Standard are valued highly by all members and are actively pursued in the real world. On campus at the University of Illinois, instructors and students can expect to see men of Sigma Chi leading discussions and being active, respectful participants in the classroom, striving for scholastic excellence. Through Sigma Chi, where the values are preached and held with high honor, the brothers are able to carry out their daily actions with a positive, ambitious purpose and a commitment to making their communities a better place.

While all brothers strive for greatness and try to fulfill the goals they have set, they are never alone, for Sigma Chi leaves all men with friendships that are highly valued and truly last lifetimes. Any member of Sigma Chi can expect to be fulfilled with a betterment of character, lifelong friendships, and a sense of responsibility to live out their best life.