Charles A. Kiler Award

Established in 1963, the Charles A. Kiler Memorial Award is the highest award that the Kappa Kappa corporation bestows upon its most devoted and favored sons. The award pays tribute to the late Charles A. Kiler, Kappa Kappa 1892, the legendary patriarch of and longtime beloved chapter advisor to Kappa Kappa. Brother Kiler was named a charter member of the Order of Constantine in 1948 for his long and effective service to Sigma Chi. Recipients of the Kiler Award exemplify the spirited brotherhood and unwavering devotion to the White Cross that characterized the life of Brother Charles A. Kiler.

Awards Recipients:

 Steven R. Sarovich ’75

 Hoyt A. Mathews ’54

 Lee H. Stark ’53

 John R. Gillespie ’69

 Steven J. Thayer ’88

 Wesley E. Lindberg ’57

 Samuel E. Hill ’58

 John C. Davis ’65

 Mark V. Anderson ’77

 David A. Prichard ’75

 John A. Wunderlich ’77

 George E. Mullins ’47

 Terry R. Hendrickson ’72

 French L. Fraker ’35

 Henri G. Stegemeier ’32

 B. Kenneth West ’55

 Carl F. Faust Jr. ’61

 Randall A. West ’51

 J. Galdwyn Thomas ’23

 Glenn E. Baird ’30

 Edwin C. Fisher ’28

 George A. Legg ’35

 Herbert J. Rowe ’48

 Mason G. Rapp ’29

 Julian.T. Collins ’50

 James W. Bayne ’46

 Forrest H. Lindsey ’29

 Stephen A. Gilmor ’66

 Russell W. Steger ’50

 John D. Varble ’39

 Ben F. Duvall ’24

 William H. Rice’ 40

 Merrill E. Prichard ’48

 William T. Cameron ’29

 Charles F. Hough’ 15