Presented by a Sig, Hosted by Sigs: Sigma Chis from Several Generations Gather for a Special Event

Saturday, June 14, brought together brothers of all ages at Handler Thayer LLP, a law firm featuring two Sigs, Steve Thayer ’88 and Mark Anderson ’77, as partners. This private event was held in honor and support of Brother Tim Schneider ’77. Schneider, who is a State of Illinois republican party chairman and Cook County commissioner, presented his views and ideas throughout his presentation on the “State of the State of Illinois and Cook County.”

His discourse included topics such as public works, labor unions, and his goals for Illinois and Cook County. Among many others in attendance, several Sigma Chis got the opportunity to socialize after the speech. Brothers at the event were individual host Marc Brown (E), Mike Wood ’79, Kirk Hartley ’79, Ryan Anderson (Λ ’09), and Ryan Thayer ’21, as well as Peter Steger ’79 and Dan Mackey ’78, the president and the director of the Kappa Kappa House Corporation, respectively.